Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, May 03, 2004

aw, dang it!

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Well, I walked to KUNM this morning. Got fifteen duck eggs on the way.

The entire News Department, the volunteer room computer, and, apparantly, the Music Dept. computers all had a virus. Poor Tom Trowbridge was running around...which isn't unusual, but this was a mess...from computer to computer, trying to do his job.

The computers will let you work for a few minutes, then a pop up warns you'd better save your work, because it's counting down to a shut down.

David's the resident Geek. He arrived to a door plastered in frantic post-its, and orphaned staff, wandering the halls, wondering what to do.

So, I washed all the dirty dishes, cleaned the mouse on the volunteers' computer, read hard copies of research material, made breakfast and generally straightened up stuff.

David ran antivirus stuff. It was still "cooking" when Stuart, a reporter, and I got totally disgusted and decided to leave. She gave me a ride home.

Fortunately, I met Leslie, another reporter, by the elevator. She lives a few blocks from me and will give me a ride in tomorrow.

I'm pretty disgusted.

So, I'll do whatever research I can here, at home today. And there's plenty of cleaning and food prep to do today.

I'm in bad pain. My legs are hurting, of course.

But I have this torso thing going on: both my lower and upper back and my belly. And a weird pain around my ribs.

Maybe it's from pushing my little stroller, all the way to the station.

I took my bread and cheese dip thing in to the grrlz on the 1st floor. They're happy. One forgot to bring lunch today, so this works out well.

Everybody except 1 of the grrls and Leslie pretended I wasn't wearing makeup. Or that I dyed my hair.

I hope it's not because I really look ridiculous, or something. I think it's general distraction; people are focused on their own things.

I'm resting, watching Martha Stewart, and cuddling Osa, who's glad I'm back.

When my legs and torso stop hurting so bad, I'll do a few chores.

Nothing major today, though; I'm just tuckered out.

I may nap; I'm so tired...moan.

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