Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, May 29, 2004

"women think in a circle"

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Well, I got up late, for me: 6am.

I'm listening to the hippy show, New Dimensions. The guest is a midwife. She worries me. She's WAY into hormones.

Hormones have been men's excuse to belittle and marginalize us forever.

When she said, "women think in circles," I thought about the women at KUNM. I CERTAINLY don't feel supported, as a woman, by the other women at the station!

The grrlz on da 1st floor, yeah: ordinary, working class women.

But that academic elite upstairs? I feel constantly pressured, jeopardized, judged and disenfranchised from THOSE women! The MEN upstairs are more supportive! Go figure...

Anyway, this woman is scaring me. 'course, she deals with women on a very fundamental, intimate level: child birth.

So, I'm trying to hear her without wanting to strangle her. I wonder if she's right. I wonder if she's selling us out. I wonder if BOTH are right, and, therefore, she's betraying an ancient, female secret...

I just don't want men to have more excuses to confine women to second class status....

My old body is protesting. But she's got to go to the bank this morning, whether she wants to, or not.

And, apparantly, there's some "penalty" for "unexcused absence" from this volunteer meeting. I have NO idea what that means. But it's a helluva statement to make, if one is soliciting RSVPs to a non-paid event!

So, if I DON'T show up this morning, it might be JUST the excuse they're looking for. Who knows?

I know I can't trust people at the station. Isn't that a sad thing to say?

It's hard to be assertive with my interview subjects. It's hard to announce a story idea, or any other idea, for that matter, when I feel prejudged and criticized before I've even opened my mouth.

Well, Scary Woman does have stuff to say. I recognize stuff she's saying. Yes, they've announced her name twice, but I haven't heard it. Told you she scares me.

Take what you need, and leave the rest, I guess.

I need more coffee....

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