Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, May 01, 2004

great morning!

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Well, I had a "false" start, on my way to the Pueblo Center for cigs.

A block down the street, I found a bunch of move-out stuff, in a dumpster.

So, I staggered back up the steep hill, grabbed my dolly with a trash barrel on it, and went back.

I got some house plants and some pots and some plant food. I got a "brass" plant stand. I got a tv table on wheels. I got some nice pictures, like a large close-up photo of a pink tulip. I found a wok I'm going to take to Food Not Bombs, which even had a lid and a ring stand.

And, best of all, I got an HUMIDIFIER!!! Yippeeeeeee! It's a cool one, no heat. I've got it on the steamer trunk, next to my bed. I can feel it, already. How refreshing! Should be good for all th sneezy cats, too. We all get nasty eye boogers in this dry climate. It feels so fresh in here! And it's perfectly quiet.

On the way to get cigs, I found some thrown-out clothes, too. Got me some shorts. Found a pair of magenta stretch pants, with fabric paint designs up the legs. Found a white tee shirt, with fabric painted feathers and jeweled studs. Found a black sweater with beading that's just too cute. Found another white tee shirt with block prints of masks all over it. Found a fake fur, cheetah purse that's just TOO FUNNY! I even found a brand new pair of underwear. I think they might have bought the wrong size, or Mom bought them plain white cotton, and they didn't like them. I don't care!

I met a FABULOUS woman at Walgreens today! I got me some hair dye on sale for three fifty! I'm going to be a red head later today! LOL I save 1/2 of each bottle of stuff, before I mix them. That way, I get two month's worth. Never try to save mixed dye; the chemical reactions cause it to go bad quickly. It could burn your hair off!

Anyway, about this woman. Her name is Jennette. She's an excon, on probation for bank robbery. She works at a sandwich shop.

She robbed the bank because she's scizophrenic and the voices have nagged her all her life. She thought, if I rob the bank like they're telling me to, I can turn myself in. That way, the voices would leave her alone for awhile. And she assumed she'd be in prison for about twenty years, by which time she'd be dead, anyway. That way, her room and board would be someone else's problem. And so would the voices!

She's a GREAT interview! I've just about convinced her to let me interview her for my report on homeless women. She lives in a hotel, not too far from where I live.

I really like her. She's tough and funny and smart. She cracked me up! Great attitude.

So, really had fun today. And I have new, gawdy clothes that twinkle. And I'll be a red head soon.

I already trimmed my hair yesterday.

Then, I'll start working on my poor, abused, dried out hands and nails. And my feeties.

I'm watching the cooking shows on PBS. Julia Child just had a chef make red snapper in the BEST sounding sauce! Ginger, mango and mint leaves, sauteed in butter, with a splash of rum. Doesn't that sound WONDERFUL?

ANd now, the Mexican Cooking guy is in Alcopulco, doing stuff with shrimp and papaya and stuff....oh, gawd!

I get inspired by these shows. It's why I'm a good cook: I just steal every body else's ideas! heee hee!

OOO! I still have more than half a lamb sandwich! And beans!

Ok: he's got crema, tomatoes, shrimp, onions, cilantro, thyme... I think he's making a shrimp sala...or salad, or something. Oh, and chipoltle chilis! OOOO he's adding squash blossoms!mmmmmmmmm....

e's making "chalupas." They're little boats, made of tortilla flour..corn, of course.

Put the shrimp salad in them and sprinkle with crumbled goat cheese.

Oh, gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'd better eat soon! LOL

What a WONDERFUL morning.

OH! I forgot! On my way down the street, I saw a hawk catch a sparrow in a tree! I've seen him in the trees, around my garden. I wasn't sure if I was really seeing a hawk, or just a crow or raven. But I THOUGHT he was a hawk. He sure is!

AND! While waiting for the bus across the street from the Pueblo center, I heard a rustling sound, very quiet, in the trash and saplings in the empty lot.

IT WAS A ROADRUNNER! And he caught a lizard!


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