Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, May 07, 2004

is it morning, already?

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My legs! They're like dead wood, except they burn and tingle a lot.

I got up late: five thirty. I'm struggling to be conscious enough to shower and dress.

I want to get back to the station asap.

You're not going to believe this: little Osa had 2 kittens last night. No, I didn't know she was pregnant; she's a puffy, fluffy cat. She had one in the bottom of their baby crib. She had the other in the same dresser drawer where she was born.

I moved the one in the crib. It was cold, but screaming its head off. She ate the placenta, cleaned the kitten. It's not screaming any more; it found a titty and is plugged in tight.

Porkchop's scared to come in here. The dresser's at the foot of the bed, where he sleeps. He's sniffing politely.

But he's scared Osa will attack him, like her mother did when she was born.

Miss Thing would jump on Porky's head, all twenty claws in his face, and ride him around the house!

So, Porky has learned to be VERRRRY polite around kittens!

They seem to be healthy. But I'm not bothering them today. She didn't even try to nurse or clean her first litter. They were deformed and she left them to die. She wouldn't even sleep in the drawer with them.

But she's in the drawer now, purring her head off, and letting them nurse.

So, this seems like a healthier litter. It's so dark down there, I can barely make out kittens, at all.

I'll check on them later today.

Tomorrow, I get my food stamps. Good thing, too: I'm running out of meat. I got JUST enough last month, with a slight surplus.

My arms are sore, from holding me up on the scooter.

Looks like the Bush Admin. is collapsing in on itself. That's good, in a way, because MAYBE we can get the bums out in November.

But it's also bad. We're the "super" power. When we're unstable, the planet is unstable. I'm seriously concerned for the safety of the planet.

I watched some of the "Friends" final episode last night.

Damn, that was poorly written! I think they're closing the show MORE than in time! They obviously had nothing left! Even with twins and the angst of ross and rachel, it was tedious, sappy and manipulative.

I'm sure it got great ratings, but a public execution would get ratings, too. People can be ghouls.

I certainly wasn't impressed. There wasn't even a "best part." If it hadn't been the last show of an older sit com, it wouldn't have been aired. It was a hodgepodge of too much crap, squeezed into too little time. And the ending! Jees! The writers just ran out of stuff! LOL

It wasn't bad, for a rough draft, though. puke.

Well, I'd better get my butt in gear, shower, dress, gas up the scooter and get out of here...

I'll see you later!

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