Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, May 30, 2004

it's Sunday

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The critters and I watered last night. Ordinarily, I'd do laundry, too, while the hose is on. But I really needed not to schlep heavy baskets of wet clothes and hang them.

So, we watered. I mean, I SOAKED the garden.

I pulled some weeds: about ten by three feet. Baby elm trees are too well established; I waited too long. So, I used the pressure sprayer around them, to really inject water and knock dirt loose. I'll pull those tonight.

The whole, back side of my large bed is weedy. I just didn't have time to fix it.

But it's cleaning up a lot easier than I'd have thought. If I can just devote some time to it this week, I ought to have it done and planted soon.

I think I'll put corn, beans and gourds back there, out of the way. The area needs to be terraced, to prevent water running into the alley. I have old boards and bricks for that. I have 10x25 sheet plastic I can fold, to line the fence and borders, to keep water in at the bottom of the hill.

I see a parsley plant is about to flower and seed. That's good. So is one cabbage from LAST year!

I have baby tomato plants, about two inches tall, in a container. I'll need to transplant them into the caged tubs and buckets soon. I'm going to plant some in the flower beds outside KUNM, too, so we can have fresh tomatoes with our lunches.

I didn't get the tire off the scooter last night. I'll try again, either this morning, or tonight.

Today's Food Not Bombs: the last day with the old crew.

Next week, the food gets stored here, and I transport it to Roosevelt Park.

I've decided soups are out, unless made with soy milk or somethign; I don't need to transport heavy pots of water.

Better to make casseroles, stir fry, etc. Pure food, no water. Less weight.

I've already started redesigning my back yard to accomodate. I can probably have most of that done by next week.

I've moved almost half the firewood out, so I can build shelves for kitchen stuff, where it was.

I've moved 2 trash barrels, in which I store stuff, to the outside garden, to make more room inside my gate.

So, I have plenty to do around here this week.

I owe National Native News, and, therefore, KUNM, one story this week.

That's only about 2 days' worth.

It'll be a busy week, what can I say?

I'll just have to pace myself, so I can get it al done, without hurting myself.

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