Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, May 31, 2004

boy, am I getting worked

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I woke at 5, but just lay around for a bit. Mugwart jumped up on my shoulder, sneezed and slobbered all over me and stomped and purred.

Soon, Miss Thing came up, got on the pillow beside me, and buried her face in my hand. More slobbers, as I stuck my knuckle in her ear and scratched it. Miss Thing likes sticking her head under the covers, and damn near scratched my arm off, trying to get in.

Now, Osa is on my chest, grinning and purring. She's being an absolute pest, tickling me with her long hair and dancing.

They've missed me.

Three of them sauntered out from their hiding places, under sunflower plants and the salt cedar, yesterday, when I came back from Food Not Bombs. They're so glad to see me, they don't even wait for the car that drops me off to leave. They never would have come out into the open in front of strangers, let alone a car with the motor running, before.

I got the rest of the fire wood moved from the corner in front of my door. I moved the milk crates of canned goods and the shelving boards to that spot last night.

I'll have enough room to move the washing machine onto the concrete slab/sidewalk area now. It is currently sitting on uneven ground, with bricks and boards under it. When it spins, it moves around until it trips its "tilt" switch and shuts itself off. So, the level concrete will be a blessing.

I found a plastic dog house in a dumpster about a year ago. I'm going to put it out in the "empty" lot, under the tree. Mostly, it's a cat house. Porkchop doesn't really understand getting inside something to sleep; he seems to think it's a trap.

He'll get in the dog carrier, on the scooter trailer, but he always gets back out as soon as I'll let him.

I'm going to have plenty of room for a Food Not Bombs kitchen, but it's a job. Lots of heavy lifting.

I can do it, but it's painful. I did something nasty to my left shoulder yesterday; it's very tender and the arm is weak.

So, I have my work cut out for me today, too.

We cooked at Steve's house yesterday. It reminded me of my boarding house & what I tried to do there. THey even have chickens, like I did. I miss it.

I'll get out there soon and start working, while it's nice and cool.

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