Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, May 21, 2004

I slept LAST night!

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I only made it 'til six pm. I was nodding off from the minute I got home.

So, I grabbed Mugwart, my old man cat, turned on the outdoor lights for the night, and curled up in bed.

I'm still in a good deal of pain, but I'm rested.

I woke at about four this morning and put on the coffee.

I'm going in. Primarily, I'm going in to pack food, notebooks, etc. to bring home.

....and to collect eggs, of course.

I figured out how to catch some baby ducks.

I have an old badmidon net. I can stand over the bridge, net in the water, and just wait for them to pass over it.

The University would only have Animal Control capture extra ducks, anyway.

I'll have to be sneaky and do it early on a weekend morning. I mean EARLY, just after sun rise.

Looks like I'll need to buy a kids' wading pool this year for them.

I get plenty of vegetables, bread, pasta, etc from Food Not Bombs to feed a substantial flock these days.

But I'm thinking three ducks would be plenty.

That way, I'd end up with a hen, and eggs. Which is the reason I want ducks.

Besides the fact that ducks are just about the most cheerful, domestic birds in the world.

Training Porkchop to respect ducks is going to be a job.

I'm a little worried about Chaco, too: he can easily kill and eat a pigeon.

But, once they're inside and get treated by me like anybody else living here, I think the animals will get the idea.

I've certainly raised fowl around cats and dogs, before.

We'll see what happens.

I'm hoping to garden this weekend. That's the plan, anyway. If I sneak out really early, before collecting eggs, I can do some watering. I feel like a criminal, trying to water without being caught.

I have permission to water, don't get me wrong. It's why I chose this dump: so I could garden.

It's those foul-mouthed, criminal junkies he rents to; they HATE me and fear me and gossip about me and blame me for their pathetic lives. They have roaches, because they don't: keep their places clean, pull weeds by their apartments or cover their drains. So, they blame my garden for their roaches.

I don't have roaches. I have cats. I pull weeds and cover my drains. I throw trash in COVERED containers and DISPOSE of it! What a CONCEPT!

THe only time I see a roach on my place, it snuck in under the front gate from the rest of the bldg., and is lying on its back, dead, 'cause one of my critters was playing roach hockey with it.

So, I'll see what kinds of damage I can do around here, cleaning and gardening.

I'm pretty tired, so I'd best take it easy, so I can cook on Sunday.

If I do catch some ducklings, I'll need to stay home more next week, so they'll imprint on me. They'll need to know I'm the Mommy.

Ducks'll follow you anywhere. It'll be a challenge, leaving on the scooter, without a flock of ducks, flying behind me.

I'd rather not trim their flight feathers. Escape is a duck's only defense.

I think I'll just catch as many as I can, bring them home, keep and eye on them, and release any that I don't need, back into the pond.

And duck poop makes GREAT fertilizer!

...and talk about not having roaches! HAH! My neighbors in the War Zone used to borrow my ducks and chickens to run around THEIR yards to eat bugs!

....still wish I had me a rib eye steak...

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