Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, May 28, 2004

FSRN check came!

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Dang! I coulda gone to the bank today! I wasn't really expecting it 'til Tuesday.

DANG! I coulda picked up the Wimin Fest comp!

Oh, well...

There's a meeting of KUNM volunteers tomorrow. I promised I'd give a thumbnail of 2 workshops I attended, during the broadcasters' convention. Free lunch.

So, I'll get up early, take my notes to study, get duck eggs, go to the bank and go to the meeting.

I MIGHT take my self out for breakfast!

Man, what a relief.

If the bank doesn't cash it, I'll have a damn fit. jerks.

I got more propoganda from Social Security today, about Bush's illegal legislation to support his pharmacutical buddies. All about how the drug companies can exploit me for "drug benefits." oh boy.

I'm still very sore.

At least I finally found the new walking shoes I found at the duck pond. I'd put them in a plastic grocery bag, to bring them home from the station, and buried them in dresses!

So, walking won't be as hard as it was the last, two days.

I'm SO tempted to take the motor off the scooter and put it on a bicycle!

I can buy some sanitary pads. And ASPRIN!

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