Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, May 31, 2004

I have killed myself

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I've been working on my little yard, getting it ready to be an outdoor kitchen. I have all the large furnishings in place.

And, yes, I moved the damn washing machine..ugh.

I brought my patio table back inside my little yard. It'll be necessary for chopping foods, stiring stuff, etc. I put my beach umbrella in it; helps hold up the tarps and provides extra shading.

The cats are, of course, thrilled.

I managed to make space on the concrete slab for an old refrigerator, if we can find one. Since my utilities are included, and I don't use much electricity, I won't feel guilty. I'll throw an old blanket over the top, front and sides, to insulate it from heat. And it's in the shade, so that's good. We only need it to cool produce, mostly. The freezer will be handy, but even it doesn't need to run at full blast.

Now, to find a refrigerator...

I need one, anyway. When I find stuff on sale, etc, I could use the room.

It was all hideous, hard and painful work. I've been out there for about three hours. I can't do another thing for awhile. Besides, it's getting pretty warm out there.

I left some things out in the "empty" lot, but should be able to pick them up this evening, when it's cooler.

I'm really hurting. And I need a shower, but it'll have to wait 'til I rest up. It'd be dangerous for me to get in the shower now, as weak as I am.

Things out there look nice, neat and tidy. I can get to everything easily, too. That's the hardest part, of course: arranging things in a tight space so I don't have to unpack tons of stuff to get to one thing.

Between the barbeque, the hot plate, and the electric oven, we can do a lot outside. And I have my oven and stove inside, too.

I have a caddy with my cooking utensils in it; it can move back and forth from kitchen to out doors, I think.

I keep thinking it's Sunday all over again, for some reason. Guess cuz I'm not at the station? Whatever.

Well, I think I'll rest my tired, old body for the rest of the day.

I even walked to the store for a bottle of soda pop. I'll be danged if I'll work THAT hard without cola! LOL Iced tea is fine, for regular days, but hard work needs serious caffeine and sugar! Plus the burp factor. Breathing hard, I swallow air; soda helps me burp.

Ok, I'm going to watch Martha Stewart now and rest up for a shower...

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