Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

I'm up!

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Been up since a bit after five.

Man, I'm achy! Too much schlepping food, pulling weeds, etc.

It feels like someone punched me all over my rib cage. moan.

Well, I heard back from FSRN. Apparantly, all I have to do is REWRITE THE WHOLE THING! And rerecord my voice. And reedit the piece and....


So, I'll leave in a few minutes, stop by the duck pond for eggs, and get into a recording booth before the thundering herd shows up.

YAH! That big chunk of broken tooth FINALLY just now fell out! Ah....

Remember how annoying baby teeth were: they'd get really loose, but wouldn't come out, cuz they were still attached to the gum?
Just swallowing could knock the tooth out of alignment, making it hurt? And gawd forbid you bite down, when the tooth WAS out of alignment, cuz it'd send shooting pain up into your gum?

Well, it was like that. It was about half a tooth.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah: guess it'll be just me and good ol' Tom in the news room again this morning.

Shoot, I'll even beat the remodellers by two hours.

Man, by the end of the day, the hallway was full of sawdust vapors. My left eye filled up and so did my nose. And I don't even work on that side of the bldg. I just go there to take the elevator down, or to use the toilet.

One worker said, "If you thought that was bad, just wait 'til we start tearing out the plaster."

Oh, boy! sniffle.

I took a big gob of my eggplant stuff yesterday. Fed myself, Leslie and even Renee. Nobody dropped dead. Nobody complained..except Renee, because somehow, hers wasn't hot, while Leslie's and mine was molten.

It tasted better the 2nd day!

I'm taking more today.

And I'm taking some of those bags of salads, and some salad dressing.

I already took bread and peanut butter yesterday.

So, I'm keeping us all fed, anyway...

I had my hamburger last night: fried with a strip of bacon, slathered with jalapeno goat cheese, sprinkled with that salad stuff that looks like weeds, with a tiny hint of horseradish on a salty, "everything" bagel. mmmmmmmm....

Well, the sun's up.

I gotta get dressed and get the hell out of here.

Stay out of trouble.

Or, if you DO get in trouble, do it for a GOOD reason!

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