Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, May 17, 2004

I have done everything I can do

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...to get that friggin' story published!

SOMEone at KUNM ERASED my story from today's line up! DAMN!

So, seatbelts made it before nukes in my back yard. sigh...

Well, it is a long report, too.


I heard back from FSRN today; they're "considering" my story and someone will get back to me.

worry, worry, worry...

Y'know, if I made a hundred sixty bucks offa dat story, I could buy: tire slime, patch kits, a vacuum cleaner belt, cat food, sanitary pads and maybe even some dang BEER! And I'd still be a hundred dollars closer to getting out of that daggum BANK!


Meanwhile, I have an interview w/ a gal from the Albq. teachers' union tomorrow, for the No Child Left Behind story.

And I've got to contact Staff Services about getting my resume the way they want it...gawd help me!...so I can get hired at KUNM.

puff pant.

Meanwhile, I weeded awhile this morning and put the scooter tire back on. A guy from Food Not Bombs dropped off some borrowed money, so I headed hell bent for leather over to KUNM.

On the way home, driving very slowly, as I had about a quarter inch of gas left in my one-quart tank, I stopped for smokes at the Campus Pharmacy on Yale.

Lo and behold: they had cigarettes for A DOLLAR A PACK!~!!!!

I bought as many as I could, and she's setting a carton aside for me, in case I actually get PAID! LOL

So, I don't have to kill anybody, going through nicotine withdrawl. maybe.

THe "empty" lot garden gets cuter every day.

And my sunflowers are already four feet tall, in places!

Oh, and most of the transplanted sunflowers I took to the patio of the bldg. that houses the radio station survived the week end!
It's hot in here; gotta sign off and turn on MY NEW AIR CONDITIONER! that WORKS! and works SO WELL, I have to turn it OFF after an hour!



I'm having hamburger sammich on a bagel, with fancy schmancy salad fixin's and horseradish for dinner. With a hint of jalapeno goat cheese on top..

Ain't u sorry u ain't me?

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