Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, May 16, 2004

It's Sunday

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I slept in! Didn't wake up 'til seven thirty!

It's too hot already to mess with the scooter tire, so I'll have to call Robert for a ride in a few minutes.

My empty lot garden & my little yard are lit by xmas & Halloween lights now. Looks nice out there! Still have plenty of clutter, though; I'm rearranging my storage out there.

I want my kitchen stuff: stored canned goods, hot plate, electric oven, etc. closer to the front door, in case of foul weather. It's hard to run through mud and dog poo in the middle of a freezing, winter night, for a can of beans!

So, slowly but surely, I'm moving all my fire wood back out to the "empty" lot. I have whole trees, cut for fire wood, so it's a real job. I just do a log or two per day, to save my strength. The little corner where I plan to move my outdoor kitchen only has about 20 logs left. But they're longer than normal, hence, heavier.

I'm totally enjoying being in the yard and not the station; I needed to get that place out of my head for awhile.

Maybe it's all human institutions, but there's an unhealthy atmosphere there. One is expected to sacrifice one's own needs for the good of the institution.

Maybe it wouldn't bother me so much, if I weren't working at a deficit to start with.

But the extra, wasted time required by the lack of facilities, recording equipment, computers is really frustrating! I have to move from place to place and set up all my files again, where ever I go. It wastes time. Or, I just stand around, waiting for people to exit studios, so I can edit audio.

I need to focus on throwing together a small audio studio, right here. I need a mic. I need a functional computer, on which I can upload the audio program.

It shouldn't cost too much. I can probably do it for less than a hundred dollars.

I HAVE a computer, but some Windows files are corrupted. I know someone from whom I can request help. I think.

If I could research stories from home and edit audio here, I'd only have to come to the station to record phone & in person interviews. No WAY I'm making long distance calls to Washington, DC from HERE!

I actually know TWO guys. But one of the guys makes promises to me on a regular basis which he habitually forgets he made, leaving me in the lurch. I dread handing him my computer! It could possibly languish in his garage for decades!

Oh, and I need a monitor; mine pooped out. Made some radical, day glow colors for a few months, before it died...

Surely, I can put something together.

Anyway, that's one reason I'm emptying stuff out into the empty lot: I've designated a 4' long spot in the living room for media.

I'll have to be careful of WHEN I record there. When Raoul's awake, he's drunk, high and screaming.

Maybe I should fix it so the mic stretches to the bathroom?

I'll figure it out.

Anyway, while KUNM has more resources than many community radio stations, it's also more crowded with people, because there's more local production than many other such stations.

Which is a good thing. I don't like living in a town where the community radio station just burps up the NPR feeds!

So, KUNM is a fiesty place, which I respect.

I'll figure it out, eventually....

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