Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, May 09, 2004

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They've screwed up Blogger. It's now not nearly as compatible with MSNTV, and I'm having serious difficulty posting. For one thing, the form field window in which I write blogs is only half as wide as it was and only about half as long. The words, "difficulty posting," above, for example, fill the width of the field.

I can't get any of the buttons to work. For instance, it SAYS I can allow comments to my blog, but the dang button won't send me to a different page! It just sits there. Other buttons and links, too.

It's been a hard day. My front tire is flat. I can't remove it. I need a bigger alan wrench than I've got. It won't stay inflated, even with fix a flat. I think it's the valve stem, at this point.

I forgot I had an appointment scheduled with Vocational Rehabilitation in the morning, for a half day battery...and is battery the word!... of psychological "exams." I can't go. I don't have bus money. And I HAVE to go to the station, as someone has offered to loan me some money, until I can finish a story for FSRN. I HAVE to deposit money in the bank in the morning!

I forgot yesterday that I had the appointment. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gotten cigarettes.

Whenever I have some "weird" occasion, such as this appointment, it gets lost --no matter how hard I try to remember it.

I'm very tired: sick tired. I got too hot and dehydrated today. And I didn't get much food, either. What I got is mostly produce, which certainly is helpful. It's not quite all I'd need for a week, but it's a fair amount.

I'm miserable about this bank thing: the decrease in income this month is really messing me up.

AND, the bastards TRIED to charge me two dollars, plus state tax, because I HAD to telephone about my account, when my PIN number wouldn't work! The person I spoke with today couldn't reverse it; he went to his supervisor and SHE refused to reverse it. When he told me that, I threw a FIT! He went back to the supervisor and she finally reversed the charges.

Friggin' THIEVES!!

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