Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Food Not Bombs, Albuquerque falling apart!

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The 2 main guys just can't keep doing this. The other volunteers are on again, off again.

And we lost the use of the kitchen we were borrowing.

So, next week is our last week, feeding people down town.

I'm going to pick up food at the Co-op on Saturdays, and at the restaurant Saturday nights.

I have a "summer kitchen," in my back yard.

So, I'll be collecting, cooking and moving the food. I have to use Roosevelt Park, on Sycamore, SE, near Coal or Lead or whatever, cuz it's close to my house.

We're already warning people next week's the last week downtown.


I don't know how to get people to understand how important this is...

The front tire on my scooter's flat again. It's a patched tube. I've been too busy and it's too hot to check it out right now. But I think I'm screwed. I don't have any more tire patches. I don't know if a piece of old innertube would work. BUt I'll try. I'll work on it tonight, when it's cooler.

Dang. I wish I could afford a patch kit and some of that slime stuff, but, unless FSRN pays me for that story, I'm screwed until the 3rd of next month. I only have 2 dollars left in the bank.

I found a huge, hand painted canvas the Vortex Theater threw out. It's a road, through mountains. On the road, there's a burro, with a little boy sitting on it. I hung it on the fence in my garden. It's signed and everything.

I'll write more later. Someone from Rowen's is WAY too interested in my makeshift gate...

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