Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, May 07, 2004

some days...

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...you might as well not even unpack.

Today, I just went round in circles. Nobody had info I needed to write my stories...sigh.

And I'm sad. Too close to Mothers' Day.

I was scared to come home, afraid of finding dead kittens.

But, Osa and her kids are just fine. She seems to have had two long haired kits: one black and one WHITE! Surprise! Where'd THAT come from??? Maybe it'll be Siamese-like, like her mom is. Who knows?

I'm fiercely tired and drained. It was a tough day. Truly.

So, I packed it in. I'll research over the weekend and start again on Monday.

There are some truly nice people at KUNM and it does my heart good.

But I was fighting beurocratic blah blah and internet confusion all day...eek!

I'm hungry. Nothing's cooked.

Food stamps come tomorrow. I'm just hanging on, waiting to eat. I'll snack, but it won't be satisfying, nor enough. I accidentally left the last of my little, frozen steaks in the freezer at KUNM today. oops!

There's ham, but I don't feel like fat and salt. I'd KILL for a home made style burger with horseradish and mushrooms...gawd!

Sunday's more food, too.

Anybody want to pick me up and take me to dinner?

pays to advertise, I guess...

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