Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Started to panic about food.

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I know, it's probably stupid. I have 2 whole salmons, some chunks of ham, a whole rump roast, a steak and 2 packages of hotdogs in the freezer.

But, when it's still so long 'til the 3rd of next month, and the food stamps have run out, and I only have 2 dollars in the bank, I can't help it.

Especially since I'm pretty much single handedly responsible for FNB now.

HOW will I pick everything up and bring it home? HOW will I cook and carry it all?

SO, I sort of freaked this afternoon, when I was HUNGRY after FNB!

I made GOOD Mac & Cheese:

4 eggs, a package of cooked macaroni, a tub of "artichoke/spinich dip" (which is actually cream cheese), some left over brie from last week, some left over sharp goat cheese from last week. Mixed, baked in the oven.

I have to wait 'til the 8th for more food stamps.

So, whatever meat, fish and cheese I have will be all I'll have until then.

Even if I can't get my scooter running, I'll have to walk every morning for eggs. I'll need them.

I'm running out of dry cat food, too. They'll have to eat some eggs, I'm afraid; even the ones who don't really like them.

That DAMNed bank! CHanging their policies with only two weeks' notice! I couldn't plan a better budget, two hundred dollars short!

I'll walk to the station tommorow, too. I've GOT to pin Tina down about writing a news story for National Native News! That's fifty dollars, right there. She said she'd email, but hasn't. SHe just forgot. I'm new.

I don't WANT to walk all the way to that dang station! I want to REST! I'm TIRED and I'm in pain.

And, if it's like today, it'll be a hot, sweaty walk, even early in the morning. And I really stink, when I sweat...and my hair turns funny; it kinks up.

You KNOW I don't want to show up there, stinking, salty and dissheveled!

Well, smells like the macaroni's done; I'm going to eat now.

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