Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Thursday, April 15, 2004


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Yo, Beaver!

Oh, grrrl, I can ABSOLUTELY help you get your own domain! CAKE, lady! And it's CHEAP, too! And the guy I work with is a DOLL! And SMART! And helpful and...most important... HONEST!

I can walk you through the whole process and you'll have your domain in no time!

My place is a tiny, one bedroom apartment, ... blocks .... of University and .... blocks ... of Central.

The address is ....

The directions you've got, pretty much. There's an alley that runs betwen ... and .... . Go down that alley. You'll see a wooden fence. At the fence, you'll see a gate with signs painted on it. One says, "who would Jesus kill? Peace on earth." And another says, "support our troops; bring them home."

There's an empty lot there and you MAY be able to park in it. It belongs to my neighbor and, right now, the city's paving the streets, so nobody can park on them. But probably by the time you get here, that won't be an issue.

I was planning on putting you up from Tuesday through Sunday, more or less. I started cleaning today!

I haven't had time, strength for housework for 2 weeks: first, the fundraising and now, I'm writing a story on the Paseo del Norte road extension civil war, gawd help me.

So, my house is a giant hair ball!

You can sleep in the bed, no problem...I'm changing the linens. It's a double bed with a feather bed thing, so it's very comfy and gush and peaceful.

But there may be a serious problem of one kind: I have cats and a dog.
The dog will sleep with me in the living room, but I can't promise I can keep the cats out of the bedroom, as it has no door. It's configured such that you'll have complete privacy from ME, but cats have their own agenda.

I have a tiny, crowded bathroom with a shower the size of a coffin.
I have a kitchen FULL of good, healthy eats... and meat and junk food, too. I love to cook. You won't go without breakfast if you don't want to.

Remember: I smoke. That's one reason I want to clean: so there won't be residue. I promise not to smoke in the house while you're here, nor make you smell ashtrays and such.

My place is where I: cook, sew, make arts and crafts, garden, do my internet...basically, I run the world from here. SO there are lots of art supplies, tools, etc. And that does make it somewhat crowded, for such a tiny space.

But it's not uncomfortable. AND there's even a tiny fire place!

I'm a big woman, and I manage to get around in here without breaking my neck or falling over stuff.

For sleeping and showering, etc, it should be fine.

I can do internet stuff while you're at the conference; my 'net is in the bedroom.

I want to be here when you come in, so I can assure my dog you're "family." He's fine with people visiting, once they're inside. But he's very protective of our home and doesn't like people just coming in without me as an escort.

If all this is too uncomfortable for you, I completely understand. But if you need an "emergency flop" for a night or two, I'm available. Or for the whole conference, if you're happy with it.

It's quiet and cheerful, anyway. And it certainly isn't fancy. My house is like me: cluttered, busy, active, creative, nurturing and a bit messy.

Just don't come over tomorrow, as today was the first day I had to start cleaning, and I'm really tired from 27 hours at KUNM these past, three days! WHEW!

So, there's the story of my life. Take it or leave it; you're welcomed here!

And let me know when you want to start working on this domain business. Every NDN grrl needs her own domain!


Thank you,

Rogi Riverstone


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