Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, April 26, 2004

oh GAWD!

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I killed myself today! I did FIVE loads of laundry and pulled about 3 bushels of weeds and baby elm trees!

THEN, I walked to the convenience store for cigarettes and Evil Soda Pop (hey, I deserved a good burp!). I got 2 dollars for the bus, too.

On the way back, stopped at that FABULOUS Middle Eastern place. I got a lamb shish kabob sandwich.

Now, when these people say LAMB sandwich, they mean LAMB with a modest pita wrapped around it, some sauce, and tomatoes and onions, with a side carton of pickled: beets, pickles and olives!

Five bucks. That's all.

It's gotta be close to half a pound of lamb. I'm not kidding. Barbequed. Tender. Juicy. Smokey.

I'm in HEAVEN! And swatting cats with all I've got.

OOOO this is SOOO much better than a friggin quarter pounder!

What a TREAT!

And, now that I'm EARNING MONEY AS A JOURNALIST, I can eat like this once or twice a month, without feeling guilty.


It's two thirty; I'm done for the day.

Got most of the garden really soaked, so I can pull more weeds tomorrow and start planting.

And I wasn't kidding about laundry; I ALMOST didn't have any nice clothes LEFT!

PEEEiiiuuuuuww! Do I need a SHOWER!

After General Hospital and lamb...

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