Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Thursday, April 22, 2004

u should smell my house!

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ooo, baby! I'm frying 2 chicken leg/thighs with garlic, leeks, Cajun seasoning and gobs of black pepper. mmmmmm...

I just stepped on Osa and made her scream. She was lurking outside the bathroom door, in the dark hall. I came out from taking my shower, dress over my head, and stomped her. That'll teach her for lurking in the dark; she's a black cat!

I'm wearing my silk dress: navy blue with dime-sized polka-dots, long sleeves, weighted neck...so it droops nicely. It's almost ankle length with a full skirt...I'm tempted to wear my petticoat under it... I'm not wearing a bra, even tho the bodice is rather fitted...nipples happen; what can I say? It's too comfortable and slippery to deny myself silk on my breasts! shoot.

I'll just try to avoid really cold air conditioning at the station...so I won't salute.

I want to pack some Cheddar cheese today. Yesterday, I made a 3 duck egg omlette, with ham, frozen vegies and salsa. Nuked it in the microwave at the station. Man, was it tasty! But cheese would be even better!

I'll take a chicken leg, too.

I can't wait to start digging in my garden next week.

I'm goin to smuggle some seedlings into the garden of the patio of the bldg. the radio station is in, too.

Rogi Everything Seed.

It's almost 4:30 now. Chicken'll be done in half an hour and I can head out for the station.

Maybe I won't wear the petticoat, so I can feel the silk on my thighs....yeah.

I've always been perceived as an eunich. Those few lovers who have discovered me are always blown away by my sensuality. But I don't broadcast. Part of that has to do with being an incest and rape survivor: my body is private and not for exploitation. Part of it is feminism: you WILL love me for my mind! Part of it is modesty; part is a Fundamentalist xian upbringing.

I'd make a great Muslim, if I could swallow that crap.

I'm always embarrassed by female exhibitionists. Oh, they get a lot of attention, for sure, for the wrong reasons....

I finally came to the conclusion that the most sexual women in OUR culture never need to advertise. It seems the most sexually awkward and insecure have to broadcast their availability.

I have a wonderful sex life, even when celibate. I don't need to beg for it. I'm quite satisfied, thank you.

As you can imagine, from my outlandish scooter, weird clothing, arts, ideas and etc., my sexuality is very diverse, creative and fun.

It's also the best-kept secret in my life. Only the Chosen Few get to discover it. It's a real compliment and honor to be chosen by me; really. And certainly not boring, tedious, demanding, etc.

I like to share.

Well, I'd better start packing up for the day. Need to beat my hair into submission, so I don't look like I was caught in a wind storm. I have 3 kinds of hair: whispy blonde; thick, straight black; and kinky brown. Well, four: I now have course, grey, too.

It's a real Gathering of Nations on top of my head. I have to placate some and control others, without restricting anybody. Cooperation and balance are only achieved by accomodating everybody, to some reasonable extent.

One of the challenges of being multiracial.

I don't really have a hair "style;" it's more of a collective....

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