Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, April 23, 2004

wells fargo bank is evil

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I'm not going into it, but they're predators and I can't wait 'til I don't have to bank with them any more.

My ATM card isn't working and they don't know why. One minute, it was fine; the next, I have no PIN number! IDIOTS!

I almost got stranded down town with no bus fare home. gggggrrrrr!

Some broadcasters from Colorado gave me a ride, on their way to the Pit for the Gathering of Nations pow wow.

Otherwise, I'd have had to walk all the way, in a wind storm. Everybody from KUNM was already gone.

I had a great day and met interesting people and learned wonderful stuff and brought home fun swag.

Lots of good food, free soda pops.

Steve, from Food Not Bombs, is coming to get me in the morning, early, so we'll be there in time for free breakfast! And free lunch!

I even smuggled out 2 cans of pop. LOL I coulda stole toilet paper, a booze decanter, pounds of butter and cake, too. shoulda, huh?

There's this person I really like. The person's seperating for a significant other. I met the significant other today. I can't possibly compete. It broke my heart. sigh....

I look like an old sofa, left in the alley, compared to this person.

It was humiliating. I wanted to crawl under a rock.

So, I feel ugly.

When I couldn't get any money for bus fare, or even to use a pay phone to call my bank, some of the greeters at the registration desk for the conference mocked me. I was so angry and so hurt.

I'm just over whelmed. BUt I DID have a good time. I made a couple of jokes that cracked people up. Like: what's another way to say, "tune in?" First, I said, "dial us up." And then, I said, "twist your knobs!" and everybody lost it.

I learned a lot aout interviewing techniques today. That's great.

I'm a pretty good interviewer, and these tips were really important, so I'm glad I got leg cramps, listening for four hours!

OH, I wish I wasn't so ugly! This is SUCH a nice person: smart and comfortable and kind and principled and thoughtful and creative and sweet and generous and.....and I'm an ugly, little troll with broken teeth.


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