Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, April 25, 2004

poor ol' Mugwart

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My left hip and leg are hurting.

Normally, I sleep on my right side, with my left knee on a pillow.

Mugwart climbs up onto my rib cage, stomps around a bit, sneezes and goes to sleep for the night.

But, because I'm hurting, I rolled over onto my left side and back several times last night, trying to get comfortable.

Mugwart has, over the past, eighteen years, learned the art of "log rolling." He's able to maintain his balance on my ribs as I roll over.

Well, he sure got a work out last night!

He finally gave up when I woke up this morning. He's now in the baby carriage/cat bed at the foot of my bed, sleeping peacefully.

I'm worried about my strength. I'm worried about the cooking at Food Not Bombs today. And I'm worried about getting a ride back home this afternoon.

I'll go. And I'll start cooking, because I'll be there early today, if Steve remembers to pick me up.

But, if nobody else shows up by about ten this morning, I'm in trouble. I can't get the food to civic plaza, even WITH my scooter; it's too heavy. It requires a car.

My SiteMeter.com isn't working this morning, so I don't have any idea who's been visiting my sites today.

I took care of my PiercingMildred.com dolls this morning, though. I love that game. At one time, several years ago, I had THIRTY dolls!

I'm easily amused.

If I can limp along for one more week, I can do all the scooter repairs and be back to normal again.

I've got to focus on my home this week. I'm going to try to only do a commentary for KUNM. I have research on my homeless women story to do, but I can do that here.

It's cold this morning, but I don't care. It's crisp and bright again. As long as it stays cool, I'm happy.

Summer heat will get here soon enough!

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