Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, April 16, 2004

to Dudette at net4tv.com

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Dear Laura,

Heya! I hope I did that right! LOL...I'm not too good at following directions.

For the saga of my work at KUNM, and just about everything else about my life, hang out at http://livinginthehood.blogspot.com

I'm doing real journalism now. A bitch of a story that's over 20 years old and pits Native Americans against SUV commuters who want a road RIGHT through ancient petroglyphs! It's a MONSTER story! Civil war: the west side is threatening to secede from the city! jesus...nothing like a range war to pop my cherry, huh?

I'm GREAT at digital audio editing! I mean, I'm gooooooood! I have a really sensitive ear. Everybody's impressed.

I write commentaries for the evening news about once a week. The news director loves them. And people pop their heads out of their office doors to tell me how much they like them.

I'm volunteering with Food Not Bombs on Sunday mornings: 3 hrs. of cooking, 1 of serving the homeless, 2 of clean up. I do it for the free, gourmet, organic food! I'm eating WELL!

But by the time I get home at three o'clock or so, I'm totally exhausted, and often asleep during chat with a pile of cats. Last week, I woke up ten mins. before chat would be over....

I'm doing Radio Theatre, too. It's a blast! And I'm helping The Children's Hour with tape editing.

Everybody at the station knows I want to work there, for pay. They're examining budgets and employment requirements, to try to plug me in.

Laura, that station is like a warm hug, a sanctuary, The West Wing and a Rainbow Gathering, all rolled into one. I LOVE it there! The SMARTEST, most creative, most committed and thoughtful people in this whole STATE work there, for little or no pay.

People there are so generous, loving, respectful, funny, kind, accepting, supportive....it's the BEST medicine my poor ol' heart has had in DECADES!!!

It's a joy to be there!

I smile all the time, these days!

Once I get .wav files and transcripts together of my commentaries, I'll add them to my domain and I'll email you the link. I'm very proud of my work.

YOU and BRIAN helped me get here, built my confidence, gave me a voice, and welcomed me as an equal. I've really missed that. But, because of you guys, I'm at KUNM and doing useful and exciting work. I owe you for that.

Big hugs to y'all.


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