Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Monday, April 26, 2004


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...pronounced, "WELLguh," means "strike," in Spanish. My body's on strike.

I woke to a pain in my upper back that makes it hurt to breathe.

I think it's from the rice pudding. At first, I tried baking it, in a water bath, in the oven. But it was too thick and wasn't finishing soon enough. So, I picked it up and poured it into a pan on the stove, set in a water bath.

The oven at Project Share is old and scary. They're raising funds for a new one. At one point, the oven rack slipped out of one track, tilted and sloshed some water in my poor pudding. Everything was hot, heavy and hard to handle.

I think I hurt myself. I mean, I KNOW I hurt myself, but I think it was worse than I thought.

Gave me an idea, though, for baking huge volumes in the oven. From now on, I'm setting a coffee can of hot water in the middle of the pan, before I pour in the food. It'll act like a "bundt" pan: giving me a "hollow" center. The water will stay very hot and help cook the food surrounding it, so I don't have to worry about stuff being raw in the middle.

But I did hurt myself.

In addition, my poor, premenstrual body is dealing with another menses and isn't a bit happy about it. I'm sure glad it waited 'til now, though; it would have been very inconvenient, last week! Gawd!

For the person who stumbled upon my web site yesterday, looking for a definition of "for cripes sakes," let me explain. The actual expression is, "for Christ's sake." However, as much as I distrust religion, I try not to be disrespectful of others' names for what they see as divinity. That's why I say, "gawd," too. See, it's not mysterious. It's like, "gees," or "jees," for "Jesus." Or even "dayum," instead of "damn."

I'm offensive enough; I don't need to gratuitously disrespect people. I'd rather do it with purpose, I guess.

You'll notice I don't use many conventional obscenities or epithets, either. I figure: if you can't say it without them, you've really got nothing useful to say.

Hey! Spencer's the host of Performance New Mexico this morning! Congrats, Spence! Marty Ronish just moved to Washington, D.C. to work for NPR, and Spence moved up to her chair.

Congrats, Marty! As I told you in the hall last week: Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person!

But, as a native New Mexican, the crowding and the humidity of D.C. is going to be very strange.

Won't stop Marty; she always showed up here, ready for business.

I wish her all the best.

Laundry and gardening, gardening and laundry.

I got up REALLY late this morning: nine thirty! I've got to get started soon. I've only really got 3 days for this, as Raul, my coke/beer addict neighbor is off Thurs-Sun., and I don't want to have to run into his savage butt out front. The man is deranged! And he attracts thugs.

Since my ATM card isn't working, I have no access to even a dollar for the bus. It's a loooong walk to the nearest bank branch. So, I'm waiting 'til Thursday, as I'm going to KUNM then to record a commentary. The bank's on the way. Besides, maybe by then, I'll have a check from Pacifica! Whoo hoo!

I have to conserve my strength for laundry, gardening and house cleaning. So, I'll just be stranded for a bit. I can still buy stuff with the credit card part of my card, but I can't get any cash, dang it! Maybe from the local convenience store; maybe they'd let me write a check for over the amount of purchase. But that's still a six-block walk, so I'm in no hurry.

Besides, I just want to stay HOME! I miss my home. And it's air conditioned now, if I need it.

I have lots of food, toilet paper and everything else I need, so I'll just hunker here as long as I can and enjoy my pets, my garden and my HOME!

Right now, though, I need to EAT!

c u L8trz.

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