Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, April 16, 2004


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Well, Beto got here on time. It's now 11 and my air conditioner is in and working. He also helped me reinstall the hasp on my gate, and trimmed some boards on my front gate that made it hard to open.

I've been working since seven this morning. I got 3 loads of laundry done. I washed more dishes, so they're all done. I watered my garden. I took almost all my lawn furniture out of my little yard, and put it in the "empty" lot that I've made into garden space.

I met the owner, Tanya, of that property yesterday. She fell all over herself, complimenting me on how good things look out there.

Nicole rents her little guest house. She and I are pretty good buddies; she loaned me her vacuum again today.

She'll be moving out sometime next year, and I want to move in. It's got a MUCH bigger yard, is completely surrounded by a tall fence, has a real garden bed in it, and is away from the yahoos in this nut house building. And a former tenant landscaped it so nicely.

So, I'm feeling real comfortable about gardening in the lot outside, esp. since I'll probably get to garden in it for YEARS!

And, moving next DOOR will be easy as pie! NO VEHICLES!!!

I made orange marmalade from some ping pong ball sized organic oranges. They were just too small, and their skins too leathery, for us to fuss with at Food Not Bombs. I cut them in half, soaked them in sugar, corn syrup, orange juice concentrate and water and simmered them on the stove. Last night, I chopped them up in the food processor, added brown sugar and a bit more corn syrup.

I also added about a cup of chopped ginger root! yummy....

I still have a ton of stuff to do to this house!

I got a lot organized in my little yard. I've got laundry sorted to wash. I took out all the trash and did the compost.

Man, am I tired! I've already worked four hours, straight. But I HAVE to declutter, wash stuff, etc.

I'll rest awhile under my NEW AIR CONDITIONER! and start again later.

None of my interview contacts has, apparantly, called the station. I haven't heard back from Beaver, either.

Sure, fine, nobody tell ME what's going on! LOL

I don't have to go to production class at KUNM on Sunday. So, I'll work at Food Not bombs for 2 or 3 hours, cooking in the morning, grab some leftovers to bring home.

That'll give me the rest of today, all of tomorrow and half of Sunday for chores.

The bed needs fresh linens; the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room all need cleaning. There's still more work outside for me to do yet. I have to pump up my scooter tire and repair the throttle cable.

I didn't collect duck eggs this morning; I didn't wake up 'til 6:30. I need more than a few minutes to wake up. The Bastard Gardener is there by seven. Screw it.

I'll go tomorrow and Sunday, though.

If I can hang in here for about another year, I should have a nice, new place to move into. But putting up with this filth is hard. I went outside to screw on my garden hose to do laundry, and found 3 beer cans in my flower beds!

Now that the weather's warm, Raoul has his door and windows open, and I'm forced to listen to the CRAZIEST, LOUDEST insanity from him! Why can't he just overdose and die? freak.

I know, but dammit!!!

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