Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, April 18, 2004

lord, 'm tired

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Well, my marmalade was a success. My tomato sauce went into a big pot with a can of beans...restaurant size...some chili seasoning and some baby cereal, to make a kick ass pot of chili.

I tried making chocolate banana nut bread, but someone turned off the oven: raw inside, burnt outside. damn.

I got there early this morning and found HUGE bags of food, thrown in the dumpster! Whoe cases of baby cereal, pastas, canned food, tea bags...all KINDS of stuff! I picked out as much as I could, and Robert and Steve picked more when they got there.

Baby cereal is flakes. It, and potato flakes, make good thickeners for soups, stews, gravies... you name it. And you can add them to baked goods, too. It's CRIMINAL that someone threw out so much FOOD at Project Share!!! At LEAST leave it BESIDE the dumpster! Jesus, how many homeless moms would have KILLED to get there hands on that????

I brought home a box: 2x2x3 feet, FULL OF FOOD!!!

We had: chili, nacho sauce, cheddar potatoes, sweet potato soup, salad, ginger bread with apple compote, FIFTY scrambled eggs with mushrooms and other vegies, lots of bread and tortillas, marmalade, guacamole. It was quite a spread.

We fed about thirty people.

My trailer fell off my scooter. When I first attached it, I TRIED to take the front wheel off the stroller, but the fork was bent, and the axle wouldn't slide free. So, I just bungie corded the whole tire onto the seat bar.

Well, I guess after a couple of months of bouncing around, the axle finally came loose from the fork. THank heavens it happened in the Project Share parking lot! Whew!

I've got it attached with a coat hanger and bungie cords for now. Works just fine for now, but I'll need something stronger, more permanently. I can probably use the chains Beto took off my air conditioner. No biggie.

My legs are SO sore! My feet are screaming!

But I'm so happy we did such good work. I really love cooking and feeding the homeless! It's a lot of fun, and most of the people we meet are sweet as hell.

They sure like our cooking! They brag about it.

I'm going to try to throw together a little documentary. Cable Access TV station is right across Civic Plaza from where we set up. THey could video tape us and I can edit the tape for broadcast to fill time for "short" hours.

We need more volunteers to help cook and to pick up food. Today, it was pretty much just the 3 of us. That's one person, cooking for eleven. That's not enough.

Even dish washers would HELP!! Dang! Nothing like coming back, tired and sore, and having a big pile of crap to wash! ugh.

I'm watching a documentary. Jews, returning to Poland, visiting the camps, ghettos and old neighborhoods.

I don't know if I could stand that. I saw a pile of crematory ashes that must have been ten feet tall and fifty feet around.


Well, I'm going to watch this.

Beaver's supposed to come by around seven tonight.

The place still isn't clean enough, but dammit, I'm exhausted....

Here's what I was watching: http://dev.polasmarch.org.

It's part of March of The Living International http://www.motl.org/, a VERY good idea!

We should have something like that in the USA, memorializing both slavery and the genocide of Native Americans.

Especially since Prez. Andy Jackson was Hitler's model for exterminating races!

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