Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, April 17, 2004


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It's gonna rain! whoooo hooo!!!! That means next week's weed pulling marathon will be a LOT less painful! And the seeds I've already planted are already sprouting from LAST rain!

Lordy, I'm tired.

I have stew meat simmering in a cast iron skillet, with soy and Worchestershire sauces. Gawd, that smells good! Got the catz dancin'.

I'd found some chicken wire, folded up in a dumpster. I've been wrestling it flat for two days. Damn tangly scratch stuff!

But I hung it to the tree branches outside my bedroom window, for morning glories and gourd vines to climb. By mid summer, I'll have a wonderful shade thing, with the plants growing up, covering the lawn table and chairs I put out there. It's already a favored cat place. The vines will grow up the branches and chicken wire, along the horse fence "roof," onto the roof of my building. Should make things a LOT cooler, when that morning sun bakes down on the wall of my building.

I have a ton of stuff yet to do...sigh. My poor, neglected house! I've just been too busy to clean.

A pot of stew will make me feel better; gawd knows I've got vegetables and taters to put in it now! All colors of taters, too. And that great tomato sauce I made earlier this week.

The marmalade tastes WONDERFUL!!!! Gonna have to use some this weekend for Food Not Bombs. I like cooking sweets. Nobody else there really does....

I got another interview yesterday. Got an email from the SAGE Council. A gal met me at the station at four. I SO didn't want to go! I was lying in bed, playing on the internet. But I was nodding off, and got worried I'd fall asleep and miss the interview!

So, I left here an hour early, hoping there'd be caffeine at the station, and that just walking around would revive me. It worked.

I also had 2 returned phone messages, from others I want to interview.

THere's a meeting Tuesday at the SAGE Council offices. Renee showed me how to use the mini disc recorder thingy and hid one in a cabinet for me to borrow. Man, that thing's tiny! Hard to believe u can get air quality sound on a box smaller than a pack of smokes! I mean, it's LITTLE!!! I'll have Tristan review its operations before I go. I'm still getting used to the concept of recording "tracks," as in CDs. Hell, I'm a vinyl phonograph gal; what do I know???

I heard the caving piece I helped Katie with on the air this morning. It sounded great!

Another thing: at the end of NPR news last night, I heard a promo for Radio Theater we worked on last week. And there I was, making a pun at the end.

And it suddenly occurred to me: I'm on the radio!

I've chased chickens, repaired trucks, recovered from losing my daughter, been homeless, baked xmas cookies with 20 kids in my kitchen, built web pages, buried a dog, done laundry, built fences, created masks and pulled an absessed back molar to KUNM over more than 10 years.

And now, I'm part of it.


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