Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, June 05, 2004

GREAT day!

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First, I did get all the leftover lunches. LOL AND 3 big things of iced tea AND a 20 oz COKE! LOL!

Second, I got to network with people whose work I really appreciate, locally. I feel very good about getting beyond the Rogi Ghetto in the newsroom, and into global broadcasting, starting with independent productions, locally.

Third, people found out today that I'm not as stupid, ditsy or crazy as they'd assumed.

... walked me out; he had my Strega in his car. I told him I'd write a check, as I've had no way to get to a bank machine for cash.

He said that, if it wouldn't offend me, he'd like to make a present of it to me.

Then, he said the nicest thing. Other people were standing around, so he was rather circumspect, possibly fearing my reaction. He said he wanted to thank me for teaching him an important lesson.

I asked what it was.

He hemmed and hawed and said he didn't want to go into it.

I said, "Are you thanking me for teaching you not to hate crazy, loud, toothless bag ladies?"

He said hate wasn't the right word. He said I'd taught him about not prejudging people.

I gave him the strongest hug I could.

I haven't opened the Strega yet.

I'm hot and sweaty, for one thing. I sent Ra an email this morning, around eight, asking if she were driving and if I could mooch a ride.

I was outside, working in the yard, when she replied.

All of a sudden, here she was, honking her horn!

I was in my dirty house dress, with bed head and eye boogers. It was still 2 hrs 'til the thing was supposed to even start!

I said she should just go on; I wasn't ready.

She asked if I could be ready in 20 minutes. I said I could be ready in five.

I tore off my clothes, put on what I'd laid out last night, beat my hair into a reasonable configuration, grabbed my bags (which I'd prepacked and had waiting on the patio table), threw on walking shoes, stuffed a pack of smokes in my pocket and was in her car in about a minute and a half.

Ten minutes before the thing started, I went to the ladies' room. I smelled my pits. OH MY GOD!

Good thing I was wearing one of those loose caftain type shirts and a skirt!

I bellied up to a sink, squirted liquid soap on a wet paper towel, and scrubbed and scrubbed the three stinkiest areas on my body.

No antipersperant! I need to PACK one in my purse! But I had my waterless handcleaner, so I smeared that on the stinky parts...ouch!...and ran in just in time.

So, I'm stinky again.

Je, a new newsroom volunteer/intern, gave me a ride home.

I gave her a brief summary of my adventures in broadcasting, journalism, poverty, homelessness, etc.

I even gave her some tips on surviving Re. LOL. She feels stupid around Re, too.

So, I know how to find radio shows who buy content from independent producers now.

I've hooked up with some of the most serious people in local radio. I got free food and a Coke. And I got a free bottle of Strega from a guy I really respect, even if he did think I was a wack job! LOL

I'm going to make it.

I'm going to be ok.

It takes a lot of guts for me to even think that, let alone publish it in my blog. I'm so scared of getting my hopes up.

BUt it's true: I can do this. I can be successful at it, and respected for it.

I'm going to be ok.

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