Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Saturday, June 05, 2004

I'm achey

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I feel it most in my arms. Don't really know why. Maybe from hanging laundry? Lifting heavy stuff? Scrubbing?

Well, anyway.

All I really have left is: stove top, table top and taking out another trash thing.

There's no more clutter, anywhere.

I had to cut some corners, to get things tidy enough to have maybe a half dozen people, traipsing through my house with big pots of hot food.

But it's clean.

Of course, I have a six foot tall pile of clean laundry to put away, stashed here in the bed room. If a cat jumps up on it, I'm screwed. But that can wait 'til next week.

The minute I got up, I went out to admire my yard. All cats were out there, inside cat beds, sleeping in laundry baskets, snoozing on padded lawn chairs.

Nobody even wants to go out into the empty lot much; it's cool and comfy in the small yard. And safe.

They come out when I'm out there. And I'm sure they go out other times, but they love the back yard and hang there most of the time since I started rearranging it.

I can walk through the living room without leaping over boxes, bags and papers the cats knocked on the floor.

I took down my living room curtains to wash. But the extra light, with the curtains down, is wonderful; I may not put the curtains back up 'til winter, for extra insulation.

The wind messed up my fish "pond" fountain. But, since I got everything else done, I can take my time today and redo it well. It involves lots of decorations, such as sea shells, glass ornaments, marbles, "jewels," toys, pebbles.....so it'll take time to really do it right.

It's a fun project, anyway. And the fishies love the running water.

So, I can feel pretty good about all I've done. Nobody at FNB has replied to the fact that I've scored a free refrigerator. This worries me; I don't know how much longer the woman donating can keep that thing in her garage.

I may have to beg Da from KUNM to help me get it one day next week. I hate to ask; he had truck trouble this week, and he works SO HARD on the remodelling at the station, he needs his evenings to rest up for more.

Well, I feel good about what I've accomplished.

My little house is comfortable and cheerful.

If the cats approve, you KNOW I did a good job! LOL

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