Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Happy Sunday!

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I still have to clean the stove and table. Moan.

I'm on my 1st cup of coffee & I'm taking my sweet time. They won't be here for 3 hours yet.

I'm pretty creaky, but not too bad.

I already have a towel set aside for the rest of the cleaning this morning. I'm good to go.

The cats really love the back yard. Mugwart doesn't even bother to come in any more, except to eat. He'd rather just snooze on a padded lawn chair, in the shade.

The woman from Intertribal Deaf has been surfing my site. She really likes it. She asked if I transcribe all my stories.

I'd like to answer her, but yahoomail isn't compatible with WebTV any more. I can READ email. I can WRITE email. But I can't REPLY to mail! grrrrrr....

I won my eBay bid on 2 tires & 2 tubes for $10! Plus $10 shipping.

A tube is worth fifteen, so that's thirty. A tire is worth twenty five, so that's fifty: eighty dollars, total, plus shipping.

So, I'm happy.

I should be back on the scooter next week.

I think my problem is that I don't have the physical strength to inflate the tubes to thirty psi. Under inflated, the tubes can shift around in the tire and the valve stem tears loose. Or, they can get crimped and wear a hole where the folded part gets rubbed.

I just can't inflate the tires enough!

Soon's I'm rich, I'll buy a little air compressor. WITH a pressure guage, thank you! They're about twenty bucks.

I pump 'til my arms fall off and the tire's hard, but I really don't think it's enough....

I found out, yesterday, that decent audio equipment can be purchased for reasonable expense. The major cost will be a decent computer. Even a lap top that can handle a sound editing program is only about six hundred dollars. A decent mic is only a hundred. A MiniDisc recorder is about two hundred.

And you CAN buy used audio on eBay! At least, some people do. One guy got a pair of stereo lavalier mics for only sixty bucks!

And I now know the local place for audio equipment: Grandma's. They give a discount to KUNM volunteers, too.

So, I'm feeling a little better about all this sound studio project.

I'll start with a MiniDisc; that's the scarcest thing at the station. I can borrow a mic for awhile.

Then, I'll buy the mic.

Once I have those, I can produce enough content to sell that I can save up for a good computer.

Since I have no car, and want to work in the field, I'll need a lap- vs. desk-top computer I can carry around with me.

Dang! Reagan's dead, and they're using it to promote the republican party! The old fart was friggin' Howdy Doody! I lived under that bastard in California, and as president. He was a crazy, hateful PIG! He was a bad actor and a wannabe cowboy.

And it's free air time for Heather Wilson! I HATE local news! And now, Pete Dominici! grrrrr.....

Just looking at stock footage of the bastard gets my back up!

gush, gush....

How can they get away with quoting Heather, and not Romero, during an election year????

Pig boyz.

He was NOT a HERO! He was a PUPPET!

Speaking of puppets, Tom Brokaw is gushing over Bush, comparing WWII to invading Iraq. However, Brokaw IS criticizing the comparison. "Fair," I guess.

We ain't fighting for democracy; we're the Holy Corporate Empire.

blah. blah.

WHEN are we going to ever have a country that isn't controlled by impotent, rich, white dudes??

Well, that got me riled up. And adrenaline is great for cleaning stoves.

So, I'll go clean stuff now.

mumble, mumble....

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