Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Rogi's Kitchen

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Stew for Breakfast!

Stretching Foods With A Japanese Mandolin

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Someone said my kitchen is cluttered. I took it to heart, and felt bad about it for a couple of weeks.

I am not Martha Stewart; I don't own a dozen houses, a warehouse, a tv studio.

I just COOK like Martha! ...or better.

I was watching a sitcom tonight, "3rd Rock From The Sun." The premise is that 2 couples invest in a time share.
When they get there, it's a studio apartment.

They made a big joke about the kitchen area and how small it was. One, overhead cupboard; a small, double sink; two undersink cabinets; utensil drawers; stove; refrigerator.
The counter space, on either side of the sink, measured less than two feet in length. An actor referred to the counter space as, "postage stamp."

My kitchen cabinets are almost indentical, except that I have only ONE, undersink cabinet.

I've added three shelves, a cabinet on wheels, a table and wooden crates ON the table, to act as shelves for plants, cat food dishes, condiments and fruit basket.

My entire kitchen measures six feet by maybe eight feet, and that's only because I've pushed the refrigerator part way into the living room.

I don't have clutter. I have kitchen appliances, herbs, seasinings and condiments, utensils, etc. They're neatly stacked on the shelves. On the top shelf, I have my tea pot collection.

In the sitcom episode, the two couples were whining about how substandard the conditions were, how intolerable the conditions, how pathetic and inhuman it was to expect them to live like that.

I have the largest kitchen in this complex. I almost didn't rent here, because the first units I saw had "kitchens" built into closets!

There's nothing wrong with me wanting to own an Easter bunny cake mold, a food processor, a tortilla press, etc.

I realize we "poor" folk are expected to only eat fast foods or microwave tv dinners. But I'm REALLY low income, and I'm also really intelligent! I can't live on macaroni and cheese powder in a box. I like to cook quality foods, so I won't feel deprived and get depressed.

I LIKE it that I can run to the kitchen in the middle of the night, whip up a batch of pop overs, smear them with real butter and home made blackberry jam, and eat them with a Parmasean cheese and jalepe�o omlette and a cup of home made espresso! It takes less time than driving (if I HAD a car) through a fast food joint. And, even "paying" myself ten dollars an hour, and including prep time through clean up, costs about one tenth of what they'd charge for some salty, sugary, greasy crap. And junk food restaurants just don't serve what I can prepare!

Why would I WANT to eat at McDonalds or thaw out frozen crap, when I can eat like this?

Is it really so "crazy" to want a high quality life, that doesn't come in shrink wrap?

Clutter? Bite me! "Clutter" is collecting crap for the sake of collecting crap! Except for my teapot collection, everything in my kitchen is about preparing and preserving foods!

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