Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

shut UP!

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I walked to the voting place, WITH my card from the county registrar's.

I voted. I voted as Green as I could.

I even tried to vote for a Green presidential canditate, to send a message, but it wouldn't let me. damn.

Then, I walked to Smith's. Got a cheap chicken, some leg of lamb, some sausages with cheese in them, some peach yogert and...um...maybe that was all. I was STARVING and so dehydrated!

Oh, got pork rinds at Family Dollar.

Everything was discounted, of course.

I stopped at Frontier Restaurant and FINALLY got my green chili cheese burger. Ate half and a generic soda from Smith's on their sidewalk table.

I remember: I got a tray of raspberry and strawberry tarts!

I ate 2 with lunch.

Slogged across campus in the hot sun to the station. Pulling the groceries, after all my hard work, hurt my shoulders.

I looked at scooter tires on the 'net at work. I'm thinking about airless. The front tire bulged when I inflated the tube. The tires wear out too fast, too.

Airless cost only about five bucks more than pneumantic...I'm thinking about it. They do have my size.

Well, I've tried to call the County Registrar's office 4 times, to get sound on precinct results. But they ALL went to lunch, at the same time, on election day....who CARES about the 12 o'clock tv news, RIGHT??? And then they wonder why this town is stoned, pregnant and ignorat???? WHO'S MINDING THE STORE????

The hummingbird babies hatched! 2 of them! Eensie little beaks!

I printed two things off the internet. One's a letter to JFK from MLK, re: 2nd class status of NEgros. The other is a picture of a little girl, in white socks and SUnday school dress, that says, "Second Class." I pinned them to my "wall."

Well, as Le and I packed to leave, I bragged a little about the good food I ate this weekend.

That cow Re said, "sure wish I could afford to eat like that!"

I ignored her. But I wanted to jump her and...well....

I bought a steak, big enough for MAYBE 2 servings, more like one big serving. I've been eating that ONE steak for FOUR DAYS!

And the cakes, sandwich and burrito I bought came to less than twenty dollars!

I live on two dollars' a day, food stamps! I eat GARBAGE!!! I go to bed hungry, some nights. I'm malnourished!

That cow spends more on a SNACK than I spend in a whole day's worth of food! Her crap has to be politically correct, organic, blah blah....

I worked HARD for that damn money, and I DESERVED to go out to eat and bring some home! I ate my cakes all WEEKEND! And they were SINGLE SERVINGS!

I swear to gawd, she'd better get the HELL off my back! I can barely restrain myself!

What? I'm supposed to feel GUILTY, for taking care of myself???????


How DARE she make nasty comments about the fact that I could actually FEED myself this weekend!

Le told me this morning Re was complaining about my box of office supplies, notebooks, etc. I guess because I wrote "Rogi's box of magic tricks (news fax)" on the lid.

Y'know what, lady? I ain't got a car and I'll break or ruin something, dragging it back and forth all the time! I don't even have a damn DESK! I SWIPED myself a desk drawer, cuz it has a hasp on it, and I can pad lock it!

Da ASKED us to box up all the desk drawers, so they could move the furniture without making a mess or dragging extra weight!

I want you to leave me the HELL alone! GET OFF MY BACK!

Well, I was down stairs, giving the humming birds fresh sugar water, when I ran into Mt. He said, and I quote, "That commentary you did on Friday was absolutely brilliant! It was so moving!"

I grinned my way back up to the third floor and reminded myself, "THAT's why you COME here! NOT to kiss Re's insecure butt!"

So, I'm just taking care of my business.

Apparantly, I can't talk about ANYTHING about my life, without cheap shots and nasty comments, not when Re's there, anyway.

So screw her! I just won't talk.

I've got people there who do respect me.

Can't work a computer? Can't do digital audio? Jees, lady, I learned THAT the first WEEK I volunteered there! And that was only a two day week!

Lead, follow or just GET OUT OF MY WAY!

I hope Ra hears her go off!

Crap, if I wanted to be treated like THAT, I could work in a damn FACTORY!

Is there ANYTHING about me that DOESN'T offend you?????

I swear, I'm so close to losing it....

Thank heavens I have some sympathisers who get what's happening. If I had to do all of this, all alone, I couldn't make it.

If it weren't for the opportunity to sell stories freelance, I'd be SO out of there!


There. I feel better now....

Rat me out; I don't give a damn. I haven't said anything in this blog that I'm not totally prepared to tell her to her face!

I damn near brought this up at the last general meeting!~

EVERYbody worth talking to knows how I feel. ANd most of them feel the SAME WAY! People AVOID Re! They roll their eyes and sigh, at the THOUGHT of having to talk to her! They literally go the other way, when they see her coming!

ANd she has chosen ME, as her personal tar baby! EVERYthing's my fault! Someone put a friggin can of soda in the freezer this weekend; it exploded; they didn't clean it up.


I'm so 2nd class at that station, already. And Re's just making everything WORSE!

So, I'll stay all alone, in my Rogi Ghetto, and not speak to ANYBODY when she's there, if I can help it.

I can't WAIT to get new tires, so I can come in early with To, and be nearly DONE by the time she gets in!


I think I need a nap

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