Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Thursday, June 03, 2004


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A reader emailed me about the "shut UP!" post. Had some very supportive and intelligent things to say.

Reminded me: most middle class people don't understand the concept of special foods anymore. There was a time when animal fats, sugars, etc. were rare. They were saved for special occasions, particularly Yule season. Working people didn't have money for nor access to such luxuries as fruit in winter, fresh meats, etc.

My little shopping spree for special foods was a modest remembering of those times. It was a special occasion, a celebration.

While I was in the Chocolate Cafe, I saw a group of overweight fire fighters eating lunch. I've seen them there all 3 times I've been to that restaurant. They always eat large plates of high calorie foods. Apparantly, they eat there regularly.

They might as well: the Taco Bell next door would cost just about as much, and isn't as good, and contains probably at least as many calories as what they were eating. And Taco Bell doesn't serve home-baked chocolate desserts!

But they eat there regularly! It's not a treat. It's "normal."

My diet rarely contains that much meat, fat, sugar, salt.

My ordinary fare, since I started working with Food Not Bombs, is primarily produce, complex carbohydrates, and a bit of meat on the side, or as garnish.

Sugar is rare for a few reasons: I'd have to take the time to cook it into something, for one thing. But, mostly, I don't think it's healthy.

Anyway, here's my reply to my reader's email this morning:

I cook with cast iron; that helps. And I'm always digging for high iron vegies, like brocolli and spinach.

The homeless guy still passes, but I don't know why he rarely stops. I give him his space; he's got his own stuff, you know?

He's always welcomed for a meal, cup of coffee, or whatever.

As to the rest, that was a very controlled splurge, since I made single-serving foods last four days! LOL

You know us trailer trash: we spend it the minute we get it; that's why we never get ahead. So, any money I might spend is proof that people are only poor, due to poor judgment and lack of impulse control. Yawn.

By the way, I STILL have some leftover, extra pickles from Jasmine's Middle Eastern restaurant. I'm saving them to eat with the last of my steak, and the piece of lamb I just bought, and froze for later. I also still have one rib eye steak frozen.

Right now, I'm working on that chicken I barbequed: smoked and seasoned to the bone. Man, that's good eatin'.

So, thanks for your supportive words. I am thinking about Vitamin B complex; I think that'll help the leg & arm cramps. The menstrual cramps were caused by that damn tampon! Never again! I'll bleed all OVER myself before I do THAT again! LOL

Renee's a miserable, unhappy, frightened person, and she tries to spread that to everyone around her. I don't need it and I certainly don't deserve it. So, I've chosen to ignore it.

I just keep remembering that line from the Roche Sisters song: "All of you will buy a ticket, just to see my face again."

Thanks for writing!


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