Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Thursday, June 03, 2004

... got my Strega!

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He didn't bring it today, but I'll get it by Monday! Oh boy! What a treat!

I've almost wrapped up my story on Native American hearing impaired. I got a GREAT interview today with the head of Intertribal Deaf Association! It's a really exciting story.

I'm bidding on 2 tubes and tires for my scooter over at eBay. Might get em for twenty bucks, the way it's going! Yippeeeeeee!

Not airless, but so cheap, it doesn't matter.

I'm exhausted. I had to stay much later than I wanted, to get a ride home. But I'm saving my strength for getting ready for Food Not BOmbs.

I Scored a free refrigerator from abqfree over at yahoo groups! If we can just get someone to pick it up! Ain't far from here, either.

And someone has kitchen gadgets, flatwear and dishes!

So, it's been a productive day, all in all.

I need desperately to eat! Soon's I rest up.

I'm so stiff and sore!

I'm glad I don't have to go in to KUNM tomorrow, so I can clean my kitchen floor, pick up living room clutter, clean my stove, and finish the yard for cooking.

It'll be a busy day.

And Saturday's that volunteer meeting about the broadcasters' convention. I doubt I'll work much Sat, since I'll have to walk there.


I know: it's a terrible extravegance, but I haven't tasted it for about fifteen years! It's my most favorite thing, alcohol wise.

I really feel like I'm coming back into who I really am.

SOMEthing funny: my ride forgot me tonight. I begged Ma for a ride. Turns out, he used to live near my house.

He pulled into the alley, drove up to my ramshackled, home made gate, saw all the art and plants and scooter and funny signs, and just giggled.

I said, well, you know us trailer trash: we move into a good neighborhood and f... it all up, just as quick as we can.

I think he liked it.

He said, nice scarecrow.

Hee hee...

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