Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, June 04, 2004


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Four loads of laundry! Got everything out there clean, organized and ready. I even cleaned the astroturf and mats on the ground.

It looks fabulous out there!

The living room's a mess, from moving stuff around, but I'll work on it this afternoon and evening.

I'd kill for a working vacuum!

I got started out there and just kept going 'til I was done. Five hours! Finished at 1:30, with the temps hovering just below a hundred degrees.

Totally filthied my dress; I may never get it clean again! YUCK! Stripped it off the minute I got in here.

Raoul, the coke addict/alcoholic, heard me working out there and started chanting, "I'm not on welfare; I'm not a drunk bitch," to the tune of "nanny, nanny, ha ha."

I thought, I just may do an investigative news report on chemical dependency among emergency surgery staff at UNMH!

I can borrow a minidisc recorder, so I can get sound of his tirades. Then, I can question the hospital on their drug testing procedures, since I've heard Raoul bragging about falsifying urine tests.

It'd make a GREAT report, probably award winning! hee hee!

So, harrass me, you ignorant redneck wannabe. Keep it up, smart boy.

So, I'm laying here, under the air conditioner, just finished eating a smoked chicken breast...first thing I've eaten all day. I'm resting and watching dumb ol' General Hospital.

Soon as I can walk again, I'll plow into the rest of the house work.

I'm glad I got the laundry and watering done today; wouldn't want it to have to wait 'til Monday. It's really hot out there; even the sunflowers are struggling.

Now, I can devote myself to cleaning inside the house.

I forgot: I got a handful of Hershey's kisses at the Chocolate Cafe! I have them in my bag...looks like it's time for a decadent snack, while watching a soap.

Just like a middle class house wife! LMFAO!

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