Poverty Is Not an Accident

Poverty Is Not an Accident
Nelson Mandela

Friday, June 04, 2004

over slept!

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Man, I didn't wake 'til after seven thirty! I slept like a rock.

I'd have liked to have gotten up at my regular 5, so I could work out in the yard in the cool of the morning. But I really needed sleep.

I cleaned the refrigerator last night. All that's left in the kitchen is the floor, table top, tiny counter, and stove top. I left my refrigerator rag, wet, on the floor, to soak all night. Should be easy to clean the floor; I swept it last night, too.

The cats knocked my underwear drawer out of the dresser last night. It's broken; I'll have to glue it. That's proof how deeply I slept: I didn't hear it fall!

And Porkchop got some trash out on the living room floor. He hardly ever does that. But I'd left a trash basket out to remember to empty it this morning, and I hardly ever do that, either.

So, the animals have been "helping" me clean the house. Thanks, guys.

I guess I'll indulge myself, turn on the air conditioner, cool the house down well, and work inside most of the day. By evening, I can finish the yard, do some laundry, clean the patio table, etc.

There's not really much left to do. It's mostly clutter, at this point: little stuff.

I emailed the Food Not Bombs people about the free refrigerator, but have gotten no reply yet. hmmmm....

I may have to ask Danny to help me, but he wasn't at KUNM yesterday because HE'S having truck trouble! Poor Danny!

I wish I'd thought to ask Nicole if I could borrow her vacuum, before she left for Santa Fe, and New York, for three weeks! My poor floors! LOL

I keep forgetting to buy an agitator belt for mine. I can suck stuff up through the tube, but I need to beat the hell out of my carpets!

My house has needed a good cleaning for a long time. This is a good start, but it's not all that needs to be done. I've still got some winter clutter that needs storing.

"Quartile?" Some guy on University Show Case just said that word. I wonder if that's academia for "quarter?" I think he's the President. I don't know. He's boring. Monotone. Clickity clack. And he's got a snotty nose and is too close to the mic.

"Best students:" that means "rich people." Yawn.

Jane introduced him as having an "unusual background." I immediately thought she'd say he worked his way up from a fish factory, or migrant work, or something.

Bachelors' from West Point, Masters' and Law Degrees from Harvard.

Oh, brother...

But he's "Hispanic," so I guess that makes him politically correct, huh? Franco was "Hispanic;" so was Onate. Not exactly my idea of a roll model, but what do I know?

So, we've got a wealthy military guy, running our university? Wonderful....

Now, he's whining that our poorer students, "you have to educate them, anyway.." are taking too much money to educate. It's affecting the number of tenured professors; they spend their budget on cheaper teachers, and that affects accreditation of departments. Like JOURNALISM!

uh, huh. Get all them POOR PEOPLE out of our college, so we can hire fat cats and sit on leather chairs.

DUDE! This ain't HARVARD! This is one of the poorest and least literate states in this COUNTRY!!

Well, if I can't have tea sandwiches and finger bowls with lemon slices, I just won't GO there! Humph!

He wants the university more involved in public policy. That means, the corporations who fund crap at the school can influence the policies of New Mexico! We don't have enough of that already, you know...

See? This is why I'll never be "sucessful" within the system. Now he's talking about patents, entrepreneurs, and royalties.

Yes, let's turn the university into a complete and total corporate whore!

Let's do the corporate PR with tax payers' money! Absolutely! Love for sale!

Man, I get grumpy when I hear how "they" think!

I should shut up now, and get to work....

Have a fabulous day.

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